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Kastropol wall

Experience on Kastropol wall
Kastropol wall. «Illusion» route or 20 years later F7b, 235m

Kastropol wall is situated on the Main ridge of Crimean mountains above Kastropol village. From the quarry under Morcheka go to the west along the upper road for about 2.5 km . Wall difference is 200 m , many overhanging sections. The wall is rarely visited, even on the competitions.


«Illusion» F7b, 235 m, I. Saveljev ( Simferopol ), M. Pavlenko ( Dnepropetrovsk ), A. Tolstoy ( St. Petersburg ), 0-14.10.2005

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Lishaev's route 6A, F6b, A2+, 240 m

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