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Expeditions on Mountain.RU:

- Simone Moro.BaturaII,7762m

- Chomo Lonzo FFME Expedition

- Cerro Torre Expedition of Adventure Team Alpindustria -2005

- "Russian Pumori Team" Expedition

- First Shisha Pangma Winter Ascent

- Amin Brakk (Great Tower) B.A.S.E.-climbing expedition, Karakorum, Pakistan

Ala Archa. GuidebookAla Archa. Guidebook

: Dmitry Grekov, Bishkek

First Winter Ascent of Peak Korzhenevskaya, 7105m, via South FaceNew route is called Olcha in memory of our friend Olga Goroganina

: Sergey Seliverstov, Kyrgyzstan

Grandes JorassesNothing happens by chance, everything happens for a reason, thats what was on my mind as Roma and I got on the Freboudze glacier in the early summer 2016. We were looking at the east face of the Grandes Jorasses and we already imagined ourselves climbing there

, . runetki

Text by Maxim Foygel, Krasnodar
Photos Maxim Foygel and Roman Gorodischenskiy

Moveable Feast. Thalay Sagar 2016As far as I know, nobody has ever climbed North face of Thalay Sagar without using portaledge. We, on the contrary, ceased using portaledge after "No Fear" on Trango Nameless. It was a sort of extra challenge for us this time try to make it with a tent for 2

Author Dmitry Golovchenko, Moscow

Tibet West Nyenchen Tanglha expedition reportRecently Domen Kastelic, Olov Isaksson and Marcus Palm came back from a successful exploratory expedition in Tibet, where they made a first ascent of Jang Tsang Go (6300 m) in West Nyenchen Tanglha mountain range that is mainly unvisited area

: Domen Kastelic, Slovenia

Cerro San Lorenzo: three new routes by Slovenian alpinists in PatagoniaIn November 2015 a team of five Slovenian alpinists Dejan Koren, Bostjan Mikuz, Rok Kurincic, Domen Petrovcic and Domen Kastelic spent a month in the area of Cerro San Lorenzo, the second highest peak in Patagonia. They established three new routes: Direct Route in Cerro Hermoso's southwest face (TD-, 1100 m Petrovcic, Kastelic), No fiesta in Cerro San Lorenzo's East Face

Author: Manca Cujez, Slovenia

Talung 7349m, first ascent via NNW spurAt the beginning of acclimatization phase we came up to our spur to look at it and to see the quality of the ice and rock. Even after looking at the first pitches we realized that it would be something like Chamonix mixed climbing but with heavy packs higher than 6000 m and during a week!

Autor: Mikhail Fomin, Nikita Balabanov, Ukraine

Kok-Shaal Too 2015 Short historyIdea was that all 3 teams could work independently. For that purpose Grigoriev joined second team for acclimatization period, 3rd team were climbing easiest lines while me and Nilov were doing reconnaissance of major goal. One of unpleasant surprises: we found garbage with dates of 2010 and 2011 on glacier under South East face of the mountain

Author Dmitry Golovchenko, Moscow

Thulagi Chuli, 7059m, Mansari Himal, Gandaki zone, Nepal25th of September four of us Aleksander Gukov, Ivan Dojdev, Valeriy Shamalo and Ruslan Kirichenko were staying on the unclimbed summit of Mt. Thulagi Chuli

: Alexandr Gukov, St. Petersburg

Kyzyl Asker 2015. Or how we went to western Kokshaal Too in search of an alpine adventure The journey took us from Ljubljana through Istanbul, before we landed in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. The next few days were spent wandering about town and shopping for food

: Miha Hauptman

About paragliding in AzerbaijanAzerbaijan is the country that fits ideally Mountaineering and Paragliding needs. We are leaving at area of Small and Big Caucasus next to the Caspian Sea

: Jamal Kashkay, Azerbaijan

Attention! The 24th cycle of solar activity and its peak of accidentsNow we have time to monitor the laws of accidence by the time the next SA cycle will have come (and its peak will fall approximately within the period 2022-2024) and to try to make the accidence less by way of introducing advanced security measures

: Evgeniy Buyanov, St. Petersburg, Russia

Leha! In memory of Alexey BolotovBecause Leha was the special, outstanding person. Such people deserve to be remembered and spoken about.

: Oleg Ushakov, Moscow

Morcheka: Restoration worksI must say that for me personally, it wasnt the Internet where the whole unsavory story began, but directly under Morcheka, on a hot September day, when reaching to the wall and getting ready for the route, I caught a glimpse of fixed ropes braced the ground up to the top of the wall, directly across the central tower

Author: Aleksey Shelkhakov (Morcheka first ascentionist) Crimea

OUT OF REALITY (Dodo Kopold)Another long day. Michal went in bed at 2 AM. Sorry, not in bed but in haulbag. And I sat on a small ledge where sparrows rest.

Autor: Dodo Kopold, Slovenia

Khane Valley Expedition 2012Write from Skardu after returning from Khane Valley Expedition 2012

Author: Nikolay Petkov, Bulgaria
Pictures: N.Petkov, D.Boyanov, M.Michaylov.

Lost after 08 May 2011 when climbing Peak Tulagi (7059 m) in Nepal, Himalaya Information update.Two experienced climbers from Belorussia are lost in Nepal while ascending unclimbed peak Tulagi (7059 m), located in area of peaks Manaslu (8163 m). Their last radio was on 08 May 2011, about 2 pitches from the summit.

Info source:Alexey Pushkovsky Minsk, Belorussia)

Antarctica. Ulvetanna. Interview with Valery RozovThe idea is as follows: 3 different persons set on an expedition, each having different tasks (though the target is shared), each getting own mosaic of recollections and feelings. We will try to collect the mosaic to get the complete picture.

Interview with Valery Rozov
Photos by: A. Ruchkin, Predrag Vuckovich & Thomas Senf ().

Ukrainian National expedition Ukraine Makalu 2010 in briefThe team was divided into three groups working on the route in 5-7 day shifts. While one group was pushing the upper end of the fixed ropes further, the other two groups were involved in load carrying to high camps.

uthor: Yuri Kruglov

Terskey Alatoo. Central Tjan-Shan's MapMap.

: Alexandr Kovsherev, Almaty

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