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Автор: I. Saveljev (Simferopol)

Kastropol wall.
«Illusion» route or 20 years later F7b, 235m


New modern, bolted route «Illusion» is made only for free climbing lovers.

One third of this route is same with the line of 1985 «USSR championship» which was, according to our information, climbed only by 2 super-spoortsmen: Balezin Valery (Krasnoyarsk) and Kozachok Petr (Dnepropetrovsk).


1. 6b 30m
2. 6с 30m
3. 6с+/7а 30m
4. 7b 35m
5. 5b 30m
6. 3a 30m — destroyed rocks, move very accurately
7. 6c+/7а 30m
8. 5а 20 m

All the belays are equipped with chains and rings.

Descent is by the ascend way. Pay attention that rope № 6 the destroyed rocks, rope № 4 isn't enough to reach the belay and it is needed to make a re-clip (a bit higher on 2 bolts with rings). Don't forget to tie knots on the rope while descending!

Gear: 14 quickdraws, 60 m rope, helmets and good climbing shoes are necessary!

The route is signed.

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