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Kyzyl-Asker peak Southeast face Expedition is the ninth event within the framework of "Big Wall - Russian Way" project. The team led by Alexander Odintsov has been opened exclusive Russian routes on the most famous unclimbed world walls for a good ten years.

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News of exepedition

Membership of expedition:
Alexander Odintsov
Alexander Ruchkin
Mikhail Mikhailov
Mikhail Bakin
Maxim Ignatenko
Sponsors and organizers:

BASK (cloth & equipment for sports and outdoor activity)

Big Wall - Russian Way. Kyzyl-Asker peak (5600m) Southeast face, Kirghizia-China


Pamiro-Alai (1995, Peak 4810 East face), Norway, Pakistan, India, Polar Canada, Nepal - here is the geography of team's expeditions.
Climbers led by Odintsov are the worldwide leaders in mountaineering, winners of the most prestigious Piolet d'Or for their challenge Jannu Peak (Nepal,)ascent in 2004 and repeated champions of Russia.

Mikhail Mikhailov: "It seems to me the wildness of the massif engaged Odintsov's attention first of all. Plus Americans reckoned this area very perspective. We known a lot of expeditions there, but none of rather worthy routes have been paved after Kazakhstan Expedition in 1985. Well, probably Ruchkin and my stories thrown into his say too..."

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