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Автор: Peter Schoen

The first ski descent from Peak Pobeda East (6782 m)

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The first ever ski descent from peak Pobeda (7439 m) by Nikolai Pimkin, Russia. August 2002.

In August Anders Oedman (Sweden/Switzerland) and I climbed Khan Tengri over regular route (from south) to acclimatize, then went to Pik Pobedy East (6762m).

We skied up Zvezdochka glacier and climbed up to Pass Chon Teren. From there, on July 20, we climbed the NE ridge towards Pik Pobedy East summit.

Anders turned around 200m below summit, I summited alone and skied back to the tent via the ridge (35-50°+), my descent only interrupted by about 50 vertical meters by a short very steep section Anders and I climbed together, and some rocks afterwards.

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