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On the left side of the south-eastern face and the western buttress (Перья (Feathers), 5А *)

The route starts 60 m to the right from the western buttress and goes along the lower part by the abrupt and nail face, and in the upper part it goes along the western buttress (Kant), going there through the chain of several breaks, called feathers (R0: 200 m, 20-30 0, б/к ).

On the section R1-R3 go upwards by the narrow vertical crack . Climbing is difficult (R1-R3: 70 m, 80 0, V+).

On the section R3-R4 go to the left and upwards firstly by the face, then 10 m by the chimney, formed by the lower break Перо (Feather) till the ledge with a tree (R3-R4: 30 m, 75 0, IV+).

On the section R4-R5 go firstly 12 m upwards by the chimney to the top of the second Feather, then go to the left and upwards to the top of the small tracery crack , which crowns the ring of breaks. Then there is a difficult pass to the wall. Go10 m by the slab to the left and upwards to the small tree (R4-R5: 30 m, 80 0, V+).

On the section R5-R6 go 15 m upwards along the corner, then move upwards and to the left by the abrupt wall to the pine-tree (R5-R6: 30 m, 85 0, V+).

On the section R6-R7 go upwards and to the left to the western buttress and move along it to the tree (R6-R7: 40 m, 70 0, III).

On the section R7-R9 go upwards by the western buttress to the grotto (R7-R8: 40 m, 70 0, III R8-R9: 20 m, 70-60 0, III-II).

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