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Kush Kaya Routs: Big chimney, Integral

" Big chimney" III - IV grade

Approach to the "Big Chimney а " (R5) see in the deion: “In the center through the bushes " ( II-III grade )

From R5 ascend 40 m along the cracks till the ledge with a tree — R6. From the tree go to the right by the wall over the ridge and then go along the corner to the direction of an overhanging stone. Under it on the right there is a tree, here point R7 is.

Then ascend 15 m along the corner to the cornice (III). Bypass the cornice on the right by the crack ( 3 m , 60°, V) and then go to the tree — R8.

From the tree ascend by the ledges to the right and upwards to the nail 3- m slab, is climbed directly upwards ( 3 m , V). Then go through easy rocks of the corner to the summit.

«Интеграл» (Integral) V grade

Route starts just under the " Integral " — big crack in the right part the wall.

Go along the crack to the right of the big nail slab, ascend 40 m (II) — RI.

Then go along the corner ( 40 m , III) go to the tree — R2.

Then continue to move by the corner, which gradually becomes more abrupt (80°). Point R3 is on the ledge with trees.

From R3 go upwards 40 m by the divided rocks (III-IV) to the base of the " Integral " — R4.

Ascend 40 m by the crack and go to the bush ( 40 m , IV) — R5.

From the bush go to the cornice with bolts ( 40 m , IV-V) — R6.

The cornice is bypassed on the left, then go along the break to the comfortable place for belay on the ledge — R7.

Then go through the middle-grade rocks to the plateau ( 40 m , IV).

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