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Author: Alexander Lavrinenko ("Odessit") Odessa

«Рыжий вывал» (Red fall) (5Б)

The route passes to the right from the central bastion Mshatka- Kaya . The route is rarely visited. The beginning coincides with the route «Triangle on the left».

Having passed 2 pitches by the "Triangle" (50m 70°IV and 50m60°III), go upwards, To the direction of "red" spot under the cornices.

From the belay go upwards to the small tree.(40m 70°IV)

Then go upwards and to the left by the crack between the "patch" and the wall , then move by the slab (20m 80°VI), pass to the small corner , and go upwards along it.(20m 85° VIA2). Belay is on the small ledge.

Then go upwards by the slab (10m 70° V+) , then move through the overhang (15m95° VIA3) to the huge corner - belay.

Then go upwards along the left side of corner (20m70° IV+), then move by easy rocks 30m 60° II to the summit.

Deion of the route

R0-R1 Easy walls 100m 50-60° I

R1-R3 Corners, walls, ledge to the right and upwards 100m 65°IV-III

R3-R4 Crack, the corner. 40m 70°IV (nuts, friends)

R4-R5 10m by the crack 80°VI, then move by the wall 5m 80° VI, passage into the corner 20m 85° VIA2 (nuts)

R5-R6 by the slab 15m 70°V+ , go under the overhang which is mainly passed with AID 15m95° VIA3 (pins, nuts)

R6-R7 Go along the left side of the corner 20m 70°IV+ , then move by easy rocks to the summit.

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