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Author: Alexander Lavrinenko, Taras Tcushko, Odessa

The route «Каскад» (Cascade) 5Б, 6b, A3, 370m

Каскад » (Cascade) 5 Б (6b, А 3, 370m)
Approach: go upwards from the fork Church-House under Kilse along the path, then move by easy rocks to the ledge. From the ledge go upwards, to the left edge of the "mould". Move by the left edge of the "mould", then move by the buttress, without turning to the left, to the ledge where R5 is.
0-1 40m II easy walls, there won't be any good ledge further.
1-2 30m III middle grade walls, destroyed a bit.
2-3 45m IV/V, sometimes it is more difficult, belay on pins.
3-4 45m V/V+ 30m, then III.
4-5 50m III Belay on 2 bolts.
5-6 30m VI+,A3 hole and relief sky hooks, pins, anchors. Belay on the bolt + your own.
6-7 30m VI, А 2 nuts, anchor pins. Belay is behing the cornice, there is a bolt.
7-8 50m V+,VI, In the upper part – IV- III. From the belay go 2m to the right, then move upwards by the slab, holds are good, belay with pins, stoppers.
8-10 60m III go to the plateau.
Time is about 6-7 hours.

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