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Information about the first ascent on the Left edging of Stolb western face (SW peak of Tsar's Throne)

We ascended Stolb along the left edging of the Western face. The route is beautiful and logical. We didn't find a note on the summit -  it is a giant snow drift on the peak, and we couldn't find any sign, so we made our own one.
Length of the route is about 800 meters  - 14 pitches 60 meters each, we haven't estimated the face height, there is a ledge in the lower part, but all the pitches have very good degree, I guess the face height is about 700 meters . We refused from
lining all the face! Processing took 1 day nex day we started.

22.02.09 - processing.

23- го - start. Four nights on the ledge, one day we didn't climb because of strong wind and bad weather. After passage we had one night before the summit and one night on the descent. We were on the summit on 28.02.09 at 15-00  it was the only day with
good weather, excellent photos and the whole Kodar panorama.

Descent was on 01.03.09, at the foot at 14-00, near a stove at 17-00. This is brief information. Now a report and an article.

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