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The deion is made by: Maxim Kostrov

Kush-Kayaя, route»Через подошву» (Through the foot) 4Б, F4c (5m F6a), 520m

Ascend 20 m by the corner, then go to the right 45 degrees angle by easy rocks about 110 meters to the yellow wall in the base of the corner to the left of the chimney.
R0-R1-R2-R3: I-II, 130m

Then 25 meters to the left and upwards by the corner till the ledge with a tree.
R3-R4: III, 25m

Then traverse almost horizontally to the direction of chimney to the tree.
R4-R5: 4c, 40m

From the tree go 120 meters upwards along the slabs of the "grey cup" to the direction of big chimney in the upper part the wall. Belay point R6 is on the ledge with a tree.
R5-R6: I, 120m

From the ledge go 135 meters upwards by the cracks to the comfortable grassy ledge in its base. Belay is on the tree.
R6-R7-R8-R9: III-4c, 130m

From the tree descend a bit and go to the right through the bend to the slab, then go to the overgrown crack and go along it to the bush under the overhang. (Don't climb to the big dead tree!)
R9-R10: 4c, 40m

Pass a small overhang (5m) by the comfortable crack and then by the middle-grade rocks go to the plateau.
R10-R11: 6а, 5m 4а, 25m

Route "Через подошву" (Through the foot)
4Б, F4c (5m F6a), 520m

Sergey Tretyakov under the route

Section R4-R5, F4c

On the plateau after the route

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