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Автор: Savchinsky Bogdan, Povoroznuk Ira, Kiyko Kostya, Kiev

Through 3 Crimean canyons

In August 2003 I was going to lead a good 2-grade in Arhuz. The special appeal of it was 15-km Urup canyon. But before such journey it was necessary to pass something similar but easier. So, the route Through 3 Crimean canyons appeared which started near Chernorechye village, passed through the Chernorechye canyon, the Uzundja canyon and the Great Canyon of Crimea and ended by descent from Yalta plateau by Taraktash path to Uchan-Su waterfall.

All the canyons we planned to pass by the bottom. The route was logical, with gradual increase of complexity. In the Chernorechye canyon (1A grade, if moving by its left shore) we got acclimatized, made crossing (about 1A grade) and got involved into the canyon life – frequent fords, jumps on the stones, easy bypassing or climbing via the rocks etc. In the Uzundja canyon fixing lines up was needed for the ascent. But 2 fixed ropes were quiet easy, and it helped to work out the skills of group belay without emotional stress. The Great Canyon of Crimea (about 2A grade in spring, when water is deep) was the most difficult. Here the rope belay was necessary, though there was only nearly 150 m of fixed ropes (3 difficult sections). Of course, there is also another way to pass the Great Canyon of Crimea – with sort of boats (or without any – it isn't long distance to swim), but we have trained for the canyon of much more deep river than Auzun-Uzen.

Thus, we had the following route:

Sevastopol-Alsu bus stop - the Chernorechye canyon – Ozernoe village – Rodnikovoe village – Kolhoznoe village - the Uzundja canyon – Ay-Dimitry pass – Chayny Domik area – Serebryany (Silver) waterfall - the Great Canyon of Crimea – Ay-Petri plateau – Taraktash – Uchan-Su waterfall – Yalta.

Time period – May 1-8 2003

Participants: Savchinsky Bogdan – the leader, Shevchenko Ludmila, Povoroznuk Ira, Kiyko Kostya, Sereda Roman, Rudoy Taras, Liza, Stas.

Day first, May 1. At 10AM Bogdan and I met Liza and Roma on the road to Foros. We drove to Sevastopol where we bought some food and met the rest of our team. The bus put us to Alsu bus stop. The road went to Morozovka village. We entered the Chernorechye canyon and found out that Crimea is not deserted in this season. A big children camp was installed just over the river. We installed our camp nearby, our aim for this day was reached – we were in the Chernorechye canyon.

Day second, May 2. We woke up at 5 AM, at 7 AM we started to trek. This area is very picturesque. The path several times crosses the river. On one of the crosses Bogdan decided to make a passage. He made theoretical lesson and practical training .

For dinner we stayed in Monk's gully in 100 m from the water. In the evening we decided to consolidate our skills of passage, knots, and work with rope.

Day third, May 3. The river becomes more peaceful, the shores – more inclined.

Day fourth, May 4. This day we left the Chernorechye canyon and went to the Uzundja canyon. On the way we ped to Ozernoe village to buy some food. Then we bypassed the Chernorechye lake. We saw notes like “no thoroughfare!” We had dinner near Uzundja river. Tried to search for the Uzundja cave, but it wasn't found.

Day fifth , May 5.

The river is smaller than Chernaya (Black) but also beautiful with many small basins. We went along the left tributary of the river. From time to time we fixed lines up on the large basins. In the end of the canyon we faced a high nail rock which was a waterfall after the rain. We wanted to fix lines up, but then saw a path which leaded over it, and decided not to climb. Then we went along the dry riverbed to the road, leading to Ay-Dimitry pass. Next our point was Serebryany (Silver) waterfall where we had our supper.

Day sixth, May 6. Then we went to the Great Canyon of Crimea. The path to the Youth Basin is wide, with notes, a lot of groups go there. The Youth Basin is a quite popular place. It is small but deep. We bypassed it and go deep into the unknown to us canyon. At last we face a place where we can't go along the shore. Then there is a basin where it is water up to the waist and it becomes deeper. We decided to fix lines up on the right shore. Belay was 7 m from the ground on the tree.

This day we passed the Great Canyon of Crimea.

Day seventh, May 7. The path goes to Boyko tourist camp. We went to the river head and then to the plateau (time of ascent was 1.5 hours). Night we spent near Ay - Petri.

Day eighth, May 8. Descent along Taraktash path to Uchan-Su waterfall was very exciting.

Summary and recommendations as for gear: The route is ideal for easy, technically saturated training tour about 70 km.

Our gear:

•  Personal:

•  Belay system

•  2 biners

•  Self-belay rope

•  Descend device

•  Helmet


•  50 m static rope

•  Nuts set (10)

•  Loops (8)

•  Ascender

You can climb without nuts, but we lacked loops. Dynamic rope is also a luxury – climbing is easy.

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